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6 bathroom design ideas for your renovation project

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Bathrooms are increasingly taking center stage in home renovation projects. Thanks to this is that now many homeowners are looking for the best bathroom design ideasthat can offer you a functional, pleasant and versatile space.

Whether you want to make small or large improvements, a bathroom renovation can make all the difference. However, this process requires a lot of planning and taking into account many important aspects such as space, personal expectations, materials and more to achieve a successful design. 

But, if you don't want to complicate choosing a bathroom interior design or need inspirational ideas for your project, then this article is for you. Below, we bring you a list of our best bathroom design ideas that will give it a different and refreshing look. take note!

1- Bathroom with biophilic design

Bathroom design ideas 2022 are focusing a lot on recreating a space that goes beyond meeting basic needs. This is because many homeowners are looking for a bathroom that can resemble a personal, wellness-filled spa. That's why one of the alternatives you'll love is a bathroom with a biophilic design

In case you don't know what biophilic design is all about, it refers to creating interior spaces where nature is incorporated. The best way to achieve this bathroom design is to add plants in the decor, this will give it a relaxing, simple and refreshing look. Ideal for people who spend most of their time in the bathroom and love nature. 

2- Victorian style bathroom

A Victorian bathroom design embodies the elegance of the period. The features that are commonly associated with this style are ornate mounting brackets and different metallic finishes. However, it is one of the bathroom design ideas that highly highlights the lighting through the windows and prefers to use colors such as white, silver, gold, those that offer some warmth to the environment.

3- Open showers

If you want to do a complete bathroom renovation,  then you can join the people who are changing their bathrooms to open showers. Some homeowners are preferring to have an open shower, as they are looking for a more edgy and luxurious space. 

This option is ideal for people looking for bathroom design ideas that fit small spaces, as open showers create more spaciousness. There is no need to include a lot of decorative aspects, especially if you want to keep them minimalist and functional in style. 

4- Rustic bathroom

Do you want a bathroom that looks warm and antique? One of the bathroom design ideas that you may like is the rustic style. This design is characterized by using materials such as wood or stone, as they give it a more familiar and natural look. As for the colors, it is preferred to choose organic shades, but you can use various options to create a unique look. 

But if you want a more modern bathroom design , then you can add eye-catching accents and decorative elements. However, remember that a rustic bathroom can be elegant and functional at the same time. 

5- Modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom design is also one of the most prominent ideas for this 2022. This type of design incorporates a variety of materials and styles to create an authentic and personalized look. It is most common to incorporate clean lines, geometric shapes and certain elements to enhance the modern look. 

This is one of the bathroom design ideas where you should avoid clutter and keep more spaces clean. Also, see to it that your modern bathroom has adequate lighting, a popular option is to use recessed lighting. 

6- The classic white

One of the most popular bathroom design ideas is the classic white scheme. These rooms convey an air of cleanliness and space, and are the most timeless. A white bathroom doesn't have to be boring: you can make it shine with beautiful tiles and gorgeous marble countertops. It's a timeless choice that will look fantastic in any bathroom. 

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