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Wall shelves: How to include them in your kitchen?

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Nothing is more on trend in kitchens than wall shelves and yet wall shelfare an excellent addition in both traditional and modern aesthetic homes, since the use of these dates back to the 1940s and have made a resurgence in recent years.

With the above in mind, in this article we explain how to use wall shelf that look amazing in your kitchen and yet are in keeping with the architecture of your home.

Hire professionals to measure and install the wall shelf 

Without a doubt, the first step in remodeling your kitchen will always be to contact professionals. Although in theory you could buy wall shelf in a store and install them on your own, the work and design will not look as good if you don't have the expertise of professionals.

A professional can recommend the right style, for example, if your kitchen will look better with floating wall shelves or, on the contrary, the best option are wood kitchen shelves They will also take the proper measurements to make sure not only that the wall shelf fit perfectly , but also that they will have enough space for your kitchen implements, even if you can only use small wall shelves in your kitchen, an expert will make them work. 

In this case we recommend Cuisines Denis Couture professional kitchen designers in Quebec, who will give you the perfect kitchen taking into account your wishes and the architectural design of your home, and even if you are not sure yet what you want, they will help you with ideas for shelves on the wall.

The order of your implements on the kitchen shelves should be according to their use

The trend of kitchen shelving is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for practical ones. Thus, one of the best tips is to arrange the implements according to their use. This makes your life easier while keeping the wall shelf you like the most. 

Thus, it is recommended to put everyday tableware on the lower wall shelf for easy access, on the other hand, less used implements such as bakeware, fancy glassware or decoration can go on the upper shelves.

In addition, you should avoid stacking too many objects or putting very heavy objects on a shelf that does not have wall shelf support since you may cause avalanches or accidents.

Take advantage of textures and shapes

The most popular shelves are the simplest ones; thus, it is common to see wood kitchen shelves de black wall shelves or white wall shelves , black wall shelves or white wall shelves. Thus, it is what you put on the open shelves that gives a special and unique touch to your kitchen.

In this way, it is recommended to play with the textures of the dishes and even stack them in interesting ways to create different patterns. Other people add decorative elements, for example, on floating wall shelves add a vase or on or on wood kitchen shelves include wicker baskets with different fruits. 

Even if you have small wall shelves, you can try different colors of kitchen implements to generate the impact you want.

Uses different sizes of wall shelves

When it comes to wall shelf they don't all have to be the same size. You can play with wood kitchen shelves of different sizes. This way, one corner of the kitchen can have a small wall shelfwhile the center of the wall shelf can use a more elongated wall shelf. 

On the small wall shelves, you can use decorative objects or put an appliance and on the elongated wall shelf you can focus on your tableware.

The size set does not have to be restricted to kitchen implements, it can also be used on wall shelves. 

Make sure that whatever you put on the wall shelf is easy to clean

Unlike traditional closed cabinets, an open shelf, whether it's floating wall shelves or wood kitchen shelves , allows dust to accumulate.  

 In addition, since it is a place where cooking is frequently done, there is also the possibility that objects may become greasy. 

Therefore, do not use decorations that are difficult to clean and try to remove dust regularly, it is generally recommended to perform a weekly cleaning in which you remove the kitchen implements, dust the shelf, clean the implements and, finally, put them back in place.

 To avoid grease accumulation, you can install an extractor fan on your stove or vent when cooking.

More is not always better

One of the biggest mistakes, especially with floating wall shelves is to overload them with objects. The trick to making your wall shelf look really good is to carefully select what will go on it.

Check what china you have, what you would like to replace, what color scheme you want to match. For example, if you want to install a white wall shelf, a white dinnerware without any kind of texture would not stand out, so you should consider getting matching kitchen implements. You should also avoid using old or broken kitchen implements on an open shelf.

If you overfill a wall shelf kitchen wall shelf, not only will it not look aesthetically pleasing, but it will give the impression that your kitchen is cluttered. And it can even be dangerous, as items can fall off and hurt someone or a shelf without wall shelf support can fall off altogether. 

Set a color palette

Taking into account the above, and to prevent the kitchen from looking chaotic you must decide on a color palette and stick to it, this does not mean that you cannot use strong colors, you just have to know how to combine them. If you do not know how to combine colors you can consult with professionals

As mentioned above, neutral colors such as a black wall shelves or a white wall shelf, are often used, and use tableware and decorations to provide pops of color. 

Often, three or four colors are used throughout the decoration to create aesthetic designs that do not saturate the eye.

We hope you found this article useful, if you want to know other trends for kitchens you can read our article "5 Kitchen Trends 2022 to inspire your projects" or you can check our blog.

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