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Color for the bathroom: know the best trends for 2023

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With the start of the new year, you're probably thinking about remodeling your bathroom. And although this year has just begun, some of the trends of for the bathroom of 2023 are already known. So, here we tell you what they are so that you have new  color ideas for the bathroom and you decide to start your transformation. 

1. Black and white

If there is one for the bathroom that never goes out of style, it is black and 2023 is no exception. A white bathroom with black is an ideal classic for modern and elegant homes. Its most common presentation is through interspersed tiles, geometric shapes and a good exchange between black and white. 

Thus, you can use a white for the bathroom on the walls to give the feeling of spaciousness, making it an ideal small bathroom color option . Also, you can use black bathroom sconces for contrast. Depending on your design decisions, you can give it a modern or rather retro look.

Another great advantage of having a black and white bathroom is that, because it is so popular, it will never go out of style and ensures you have a decor that will stand the test of time. Also, they are fairly easy colors to clean, so you will always be able to maintain a neat appearance.

2. Light and dark blues

Another for the bathroom trend that has been on the rise in recent years and will reach its strongest strength by 2023 is the blue bathroom For this year, dark blue shades are expected to be predominant. However, a light blue bathroom is also a good option if you want it to be more spacious.

An excellent decor combination for this for the bathroom are yellow and black tones. For example, it is common to see examples of color ideas for the bathroom where the walls and blue tiles while applications are copper or gold colors. 

Remember to be clear about what shades of blue you are going to use if you decide on this color for the bathroom , as it is not a good idea to opt for light shades of blue and contrast them with dark shades that are too different. Decide on a blue scheme and establish your palette around it. However, if you are not clear on how to decide on the right colors, we recommend going to a professional interior design service like Cuisines Denis Couture.

3. Olive green

If there is one for the bathroom that has become popular it is olive greens. This shade of bathroom paint gives a refreshing look to the space, as green schemes are associated with nature and therefore give a sense of serenity. 

Although olive green is the most fashionable color for the bathroom , you can opt for other green schemes for the bathroom. You can use more muted colors like mint green or create a big impact through dark green accents. The important thing is to match the decor to the central green color selected. 

For decorations, for example, towels or rugs you can select neutral colors such as white, beige and gray. As with a blue bathroom , copper and gold applications look good with green. 

4. Pale pink

Another bathroom paint that will be trending this 2023 is pale and soft pinks. These are a delicate option that create relaxation and expand the space, making them perfect as a small bathroom color.

If you use this as the main color, the best option is to combine it with white or beige accents as it gives a cohesive look. In addition, you can use pink not only as paint but also on tiles or towels. 

However, because they are quite soft tones, we recommend you to be a bit creative with the decorative elements to avoid making the bathroom look one-dimensional or too dull. For this color for the bathroom , you can use wooden furniture or decide for metallic accents, which should be golden. You can also add a natural touch to your bathroom through plants that survive in humid environments. On the other hand, textured rugs are always a great choice.

5. Gray and white

Lately, it is common to come across a gray and white bathroom . Thus, the combination of gray and white are perfect if your goal is to create a sleek, modern feel. Gray is a versatile, neutral color that blends well with a variety of different design styles, while white adds brightness and a clean, fresh feel to the space. 

Thus, a gray and white bathroom is a great combination in that the grays add depth while the white gives the classic look that so many people enjoy. For sinks, showers and faucets you can opt for silver metallic colors. In addition, with this color for the bathroomalso look great natural decorations, that is, plants that are able to withstand the humidity of the bathroom. hardware, such as the vanity, sink and faucets. Just be sure to balance the cool tones of gray and white with some warmth, for example, by using wood accents or natural elements such as plants.

Another advantage of using a gray and white color scheme in your bathroom is that you can easily update it over time. If you decide to change the look of the space, you can easily switch out some decorative elements or add touches of color through towels and other accessories to give the bathroom a fresh, new feel. 

We hope this article is useful for you to decide to renovate your bathroom this 2023, however, if you want to know other bathroom trends, you can read our article« Bathroom 2022: 5 trends you need to know» or visit our blogIf you are looking for professional help to get the best bathroom possible, we recommend the services of Cuisines Denis Couture, who have the best designers.

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