Kitchen island ideas: 5 creations you'll love

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A black is great requires an extra investment, but its design has many benefits. It is one of the pieces that becomes the center of attention, seduces and adds its own style to the design of any kitchen. Nowadays, the center island has become the preferred choice of homeowners for its functionality, diversity and exclusivity for family gatherings. Therefore, many kitchen island ideas have also emerged for selection and customization. 

However, you probably think that a   kitchen island reduces space and does not look good in small kitchens, but this is false. Islands, besides being an elegant decorative element, are also adaptable; and their types of cladding make it even more attractive to anyone. 

Therefore, if you want to create a kitchen island designbut do not know how, in this article we show you our best ideas for you to get inspired and get the kitchen of your dreams.

Why choose a kitchen island?

Lighting for with islands contribute a lot to the room, they are an excellent element to create more available space. With it you can have more organized cabinets, better mobility and have on hand the utensils you use the most in the kitchen. In addition, this type of shape adapts perfectly to any style, material and size of space to recreate a personalized and authentic design. 

The refore, the islands are perfect for people who want to have a practical kitchen that adapts to their needs and who are looking for a suitable distribution in their kitchens. 

Kitchen island ideas


For a space where you do a lot of work, gather with family or enjoy a warm meal, aesthetics is a fundamental part to have a unique and cozy atmosphere. So, here are some ideas of beautiful and very functional kitchens with islands.

1- Small kitchen with island

Do you have a small kitchen and want more available space? A small center island is a good option that will add style and maximize storage. It doesn't have to be extravagant, you can opt for a simple design such as wood paneling, although that will depend on the main look of the kitchen. However, for a kitchen with a small center island , wood is a good element.

2- Modern kitchen island 

Modern kitchens are one of the most sought after designs today. So, one way to add more elegance to it is with a center island. To do this, choose an island that shows straight and clean lines, ideal to recreate an organized and more minimalist look. You can also opt to use somber colors, for example, black is great for highlighting the island and contrasts nicely with other colors.

3- Kitchen island ideas: lighting 

Light is an essential element in every kitchen. The refore, for any design, you can opt for a kitchen with an illuminated island, that will make it the most striking piece of the place. For this, hanging lamps are the most effective way to enhance your style, you can even choose different styles of lamps that can be coupled with the overall design of your kitchen. 

4- White and wood kitchen with center island

A white and wood kitchen with a center island is a classic color combination that never goes out of style. This design is ideal if you want to recreate a more cozy, warm and familiar look, as the contrast of white and wood are elements that create a very charming atmosphere that will make your guests feel comfortable. 

If you choose a center island with a stone countertop, you can add curved edges to the top of the island to soften the edge and give it a custom look. But if you're looking for a more traditional kitchen, opt for a white wood island with dark-colored cabinets.

5- Kitchen island ideas: integrated table

A center island in the kitchen is a convenient place to work and socialize. So if you want to make it even more functional, then a built-in table. It's a perfect design for people who love family gatherings or want to have a kitchen with a long island. 

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