5 kitchen trends 2022 to get inspiration for your projects.

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Renovating the kitchen is one of the most satisfying acts you can experience. The eyes of our viewers will always be on the small details of the home. That's why, it's not a bad idea to update yourself on the new kitchen trends 2022, especially if you want to reflect a unique and interesting style.

To help you with that, in this article, we have brought a list of new kitchen trends including colors, cabinets, accessories and more that will serve as inspiration for your future renovation projects. Get to know each of them in detail!

1- White and gray as predominant colors

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White is one of the most preferred trendy kitchen colors by everyone. For a long time, this shade has played an important role in decorating cabinets, walls and even backsplashes. It has made the kitchen a space of freedom and comfort, a special place for the whole family.

That's why, in these 2022 kitchen trends, white will continue to stand out. But, just like this shade, gray is also gaining a lot of prominence, as many homeowners have chosen this color for their floors and other complementary accessories.

Both gray and white can create incredible combinations and styles in kitchen models. For example, if you want a classic kitchen style, using white is the answer; but on the other hand, gray is often essential in minimalist kitchen styles, as well as in modern designs.

For more details on how white kitchens are visualized, take a look at our Belcaro project.

2- Natural materials in kitchen trends

The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, and one way to make it cozy is through natural elements. Materials such as wood, marble and quartz have been chosen to enhance the aesthetics and be a main attraction in must-have kitchen pieces. 

Of the three materials mentioned, wood will be seen a lot in new kitchen designs in 2022, as it is a versatile element and demonstrates a variety of interesting textures. In addition, homeowners are increasingly looking to achieve a rustic or vintage style, which generates warmth and more closeness to the freshness of nature.

On the other hand, marble will continue to play an important role in kitchen decorations. It will be very present in countertops and backsplashes, key pieces that will add a modern, elegant and glamorous touch.

3- Kitchen trends 2022: bold colors

Earlier, we mentioned that gray and white colors will continue in the new kitchen trends. While a popular choice in this 2022, bold colors are not far behind. Bright color ranges are known to be bold and perfect for personalizing our kitchen. 

Many people prefer to add more life to a familiar space. However, you have to keep in mind that choosing bold colors also means finding a suitable contrast. 

If you want to get professional advice on the right colors, consult with Cuisines Denis Couture. Our designers will give you the help you need to personalize your kitchen.

4- Metals in kitchen trends 2022

The presence of metal in kitchen designs has to do with giving more relevance to accessories. Already in 2021 they had taken a lot of prominence, but apparently it also remains in 2022.    

Undoubtedly, this trend is perfect for people who want to leave aside the classic style, and give a warm welcome to the sophisticated style. Metallic details tend to look best applied in lamps, kitchen islands, faucets and cabinet handles, which will give it a modern atmosphere.

However, one detail to keep in mind is to avoid creating an overly electric or metallic look. That is to say, the accessories must be very well balanced to visually provide elegance and not a wrong idea.  

5- Antique furniture in kitchen trends


Kitchen trends 2022 tell us that the temporary contrast will be stronger than ever. Homeowners and designers are apparently including antique furniture in renovations that will be mixed with more modern elements, such as a high-end countertop.

One element that will be essential to achieve that antique and vintage finish is recycled wood. This will be in charge of giving a more traditional and timeless look in the kitchen. Nowadays, people are looking to have a more homey and warm space, so antique pieces will be the key to give visual interest. 

How can you achieve this combination? Most people tend to visit second-hand stores, where they keep a lot of antique pieces. For example, include a chandelier from the 1970s or wide wooden cabinets that are mixed with a mosaic tile floor. But if you want to be sure with your project, contact Cuisines Denis Couture.

Renew your kitchen with Cuisines Denis Couture 

The 2022 kitchen trends have already spoken! Now all that's left is for you to choose your favorite to renovate the kitchen of your dreams. But to make your plans a success, contact the professional kitchen designers at Cuisines Denis Couture. Our team will equip your kitchen according to your preferences. They will manage to give the life it needs to the heart of your home through the new trends of this 2022. You can contact us at 450 651 6941 or visit us at 5341 Ferrier St, Montreal, Quebec H4P 1M1, Canada. You will make the most of your new space!

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