7 best materials for kitchen cabinets

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Cabinets play an important role in the design and functionality of your home kitchen. Whether you want to cover more space to store utensils or improve the aesthetics of the kitchen, the cabinet must have one condition: to be made with high quality materials. Fortunately, there are many options available on the market, but in order to choose the best material for kitchen cabinets, certain factors must be considered. 

While the kitchen is the heart of the home, it is also the area most exposed to temperature changes, grease accumulation and moisture. Therefore, the materials for the kitchen cabinet will be the main key to maintain durability, strength and functionality. If you want to know which are the best materials to choose and their benefits, this article will explain them to you. Let's get started!

Types of kitchen cabinet materials

Cabinets are the most visible part of the entire kitchen they can even define the overall style of the area. For example, wood in kitchen cabinet gives it a natural look as opposed to a metal cabinet. Also, the material of your cabinet will undoubtedly have an impact on how well it resists stains, fingerprints and other damage; therefore, the choice should be thought out and analyzed according to your needs. Here are the best cabinet materials: 

1- Wooden kitchen cabinets


The most popular material for kitchen cabinet is wood. It is a renewable resource that is easy to work with, comes in a wide range of grains, colors and textures, and is durable. One of its incredible benefits is that it is a very versatile material, meaning you can use it in different styles of kitchens: classic, modern or rustic.

Therefore, it will be the best material for kitchen cabinets that will suit your tastes and needs very well. The only thing you need to do is to look for a type of wood that highlights the style of your kitchen. For example, veneered wood goes best with minimalist style, while a light-colored wood best represents the natural look, ideal for country and contemporary kitchens.

2- The best kitchen cabinet material: Laminate

It's a fact that wood cabinets have a beautiful and cozy finish, but it can require a lot of care. That's why one of the cabinet materials options you'll love is laminate. 

Synthetic laminates offer resistance to wear and tear from stains, moisture, heat and more. Plus, this material is ideal for adding a more luxurious look to your kitchen, and you'll have plenty of texture options to choose from. So, whether you want to better maintain the aesthetics of your kitchen or save money on repairs, this kitchen cabinet backsplash will be right up your alley. 

3- Melamine cabinet

Of the different materials that can be used for your kitchen cabinets, textured melamine is possibly the most durable and most economical. It is one of the easiest kitchen cabinet materials to clean and maintain, but probably most vulnerable to scratches. It also doesn't present many options in styles, which makes it difficult to create a new look for your kitchen. 

4- Best kitchen cabinet material: Polyester

Polyester cabinets are the most affordable options and is a mix between melamine and pine fiber. It is also one of the strongest materials and is the closest to the texture of wood. You can choose from several texture options, but, unfortunately, it is usually not very easy to repair damage such as scratches.  

5- Polymer cabinet

Polymer contains film over an MDF panel, it is a durable material that offers matte finishes that mimic natural wood. Also offered in glossy finishes that give a more contemporary look,the polymer cabinet is ideal for those who prefer glossy finishes and are on a tighter budget. 

6- The best material for kitchen cabinet: MDF

MDF is a popular material for ,kitchen cabinetdoors. It is strong and durable, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Its smooth surface makes it easy to paint and install. It is an excellent choice for large pieces of wood without many joints. However, you should be aware that MDF does not resist water well, so be prepared for visible defects over time.

7- The best material for kitchen cabinet: stainless steel

Looking for a modern looking kitchen? If so, stainless steel cabinets can help you achieve it. Usually, stainless steel is usually seen in professional or more commercial kitchens, as it is easy to clean and durable. However, its disadvantages are that they are not versatile and appealing to everyone, and, in case of damage, repair would be more complicated. 

Tips for choosing the best material for kitchen cabinets

  • Check the style of your kitchen, or think about what kind of kitchen you want. 
  • Choose kitchen cabinet materials that offer both functionality and aesthetics. 
  • Use a finish that suits the kitchen look you want to achieve. For example, a minimalist style goes best with a smooth wood finish. 
  • Designs and colors are diverse when it comes to cabinet materials. So, check out which colors will bring a unique style to your kitchen renovation.  
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