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6 amazing Scandinavian kitchen ideas to inspire you


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Do you want to renovate your kitchen with a simple, bright and cozy style? The Scandinavian kitchen is one of the options you will love. Not only is it practical and beautiful, it is also a design that brings the charm of nature into your home.

Scandinavian style kitchen designs have been on the lips of many kitchen designers. This is because they represent versatility and simplicity, a perfect combination to create functional and harmonious spaces.

If you want to know how you can recreate the Scandinavian kitchen, in this article we present you our best ideas, continue reading!

Essential elements of the Scandi style kitchen

Essential elements of the Scandi style kitchen

Just like any other design, Scandinavian style has its own elements that characterize it. Among them, it is essential to think of the minimalist style, since it is an example of simple but classic design. Also, every Scandinavian kitchen emphasizes the use of natural light, therefore, it will not be strange to find large windows to improve light filtration.

In addition, the Scandinavian kitchen follows a color palette that, especially, is made up of light and neutral tones with touches of color. However, the white Scandinavian kitchen is the most popular choice in terms of colors. On the other hand, this style focuses a lot on using natural materials, stones, plants, among other options.

These are all the elements that make up a Scandinavian kitchen, but for you to get a better idea of this style, here are some alternatives you can implement:

1- Scandinavian white and wood kitchen

Cuisine scandinave en blanc et bois

If you are a lover of white kitchens, with the Scandinavian style you have the best combination. As we mentioned, light colors are predominant in the Scandinavian kitchen, and an excellent way to complement it is through the use of wood.

A clear example of this option with wood is that of designer Emily Henderson. It presents a nice combination of minimalist and homey, perfect for people looking for a cozy, timeless kitchen with details of nature.

2- Natural stone in the Scandinavian kitchen

Incorporating natural stone elements into your kitchen is a great way to give it a rustic, yet cozy look. If you have a modern Scandinavian kitchen in mind, add a stone backsplash or granite countertop.

Stone is a versatile material that can blend well with almost any color or kitchen and will certainly be your best ally for Scandinavian style. It is easy to clean, shows no stains and has no aged appearance.

3Scandinavian kitchen design with minimalist style

Those interested in minimalist design will appreciate the simplicity of Scandinavian kitchen ideas. There is no need for extra accessories. This style focuses on neutral colors and crisp shapes, creating a room that feels spacious yet calm.

Something remarkable about it is the presence of clean and simple lines. All the furniture has a refined, elegant and simple look. Adding a pendant light to the kitchen island casts a warm glow throughout the room. Small kitchens can benefit from strategically placed lights on shelves. However, remember that the less detail, the better the display. 

4- Scandifornian style

Do you want to have the simplicity of Scandinavian style together with the free spirit of Californian style? Then the Scandifornian style is for you. An interesting fusion that has become part of the trending kitchen designs. The two create the perfect setting to maintain a minimalist style, but with bohemian touches from California.

An example of this combination is the presence of open spaces with decorative objects from the 70's, 80's or 90's. The same line of openwork colors, preferably white, is also maintained. In addition, with the Scandinavian style kitchen combined with the Californian style, it will try to play with textures instead of focusing on leaving everything totally simple.

5- Presence of open shelves

Open shelving is a great way to inject personality into a minimalist kitchen, especially in the Scandinavian kitchen. They make it easy to display kitchen condiments and other items. If your kitchen is small, you can use open shelving with an industrial-style front.

With open shelves, you can also create a modern Scandinavian style kitchen. To do this, the mixture of gray and white colors with touches of black, would look perfectly in this style.

6- Small Scandinavian kitchen

If you have a small kitchen, the Scandinavian style is a perfect choice. This style ensures that every space in the kitchen is used in the best way. For example, in small kitchens we will not see large islands, but we will highlight functionality, simplicity and organization.

For a small Scandinavian kitchen, floating shelves and ergonomic surfaces are the main attraction. Also, furniture should be kept fair and necessary (especially for a small space). As for the shades, it is best to always choose warm shades, especially if you want a small and cozy place.

What decorations are useful for the Scandinavian kitchen?

Decoration is essential in any interior design. If you want to achieve a Scandinavian kitchen, the materials that should stand out the most are ceramics, candles, wood, linen, cotton, among others. For example, on the shelves you can add ceramic tableware or utensils made of wood.

Each of these textures add warmth to the Scandinavian kitchen design, as well as complementing any light tones you choose. Also, if you want to add more natural touches, including plants is ideal for a fresh and aesthetically beautiful environment.

The Scandinavian style decoration will depend on the type of design you choose (classic, modern or rustic). Therefore, if you consider that the choice is complicated, you can get advice from our kitchen designers.

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