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5 contemporary kitchen ideas for your home

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When it comes to renovating the style of the kitchen there is a wide variety of lovely options to choose from. It all depends on tastes and needs; for example, if you are looking for a functional, simple and sophisticated kitchen, then contemporary kitchen is your ideal choice 

The contemporary kitchen is a mix of classic, modern and industrial, which gives it a fully customizable look. The latest market trends have shown that the contemporary style is very popular in interior designs. So, if you want to give this style a chance, in this article we present you 5 contemporary kitchen design ideas that you will adore. 

1- Contemporary kitchen: black and wood

What could be more elegant and natural than the combination of black and wood? For a long time, light shades have attracted attention in kitchen designs, but with the contemporary kitchenwe bring dark shades to the forefront. Therefore, the fusion of black with wood will be a favorite choice for those who want a sophisticated and cozy atmosphere.  

As it is known, wood is ideal to recreate warmth, while black adds a more modern and elegant look. Therefore, the black color in the real estate will make the kitchen not look completely dark and the touches of wood will give a greater sense of lightness and with extra lighting. 

2- Contemporary kitchen: white and wood


It is common to see in the Scandinavian style the fusion of white and wood, but in this case the contemporary kitchen also has these colors as protagonists. If you are looking for a clean-looking, spacious and bright kitchen, white and wood are the perfect choice. 

Where you can incorporate wood is on a countertop or in kitchen cabinets. It is also a good option to have accessories or furniture with touches of wood. One of the advantages of this material is that it has a wide repertoire of shades, that is, if you want to keep the dark shades of contemporary style, choose walnut or wenge. 

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3- Presence of straight lines

In contemporary kitchens, a very noticeable feature is the presence of straight lines. They can be horizontal, diagonal, vertical or intermittent, but they will never be visualized outside the design. Simply put, lines give geometric shape to objects, so we will see furniture or countertops with defined straight lines, which give a futuristic and unique touch to the kitchen environment. 

To better highlight this aspect, the cabinets can be replaced by recessed handles that give the impression of being hidden. The kitchen island should be completely uncluttered, without unnecessary accessories, to provide a more spacious and organized look. In short, it should have a minimalist style, but following the design of the contemporary style. 

4- Combination of materials and ergonomics

design explores contemporary kitchen all possibilities in textures, colors, sizes and shapes. Therefore, it is not surprising that most styles have a fusion of textures. Among the most popular materials to combine are: marble, quartz, metal and ceramic elements. 

However, it is worth clarifying that the look of the kitchen can change thanks to the textures and colors chosen. For example, a marbleized quartz island, cabinets with metal handles and gray appliances contribute to the design of a modern contemporary kitchen

On the other hand, the presence of aluminum doors, presence of lamps faucetssockets and somber shades, then you will have a contemporary kitchen with industrial touches. As you can see, textures can recreate more than one style within another, but the important thing is to respect the main design, that is, the contemporary one. 

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5- Lighting everywhere

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Finally, lighting cannot be missing in any kitchen, especially when it comes to contemporary kitchensFor this reason, large windows, besides being a great attraction, are perfect for filtering more light into the kitchen. This offers a wider and cleaner view. On the other hand, if the kitchen does not have adequate space for windows, you can recreate the light through a lighting system. 

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As you can see, there are several contemporary kitchen options to choose from. Whether you want to add a modern, classic or industrial touch, the kitchen designers at Cuisines Denis Couture can make it happen.

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