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8 grey and white kitchen ideas to mix and match in 2022


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The kitchen is one of the most relevant attractions in the home. Therefore, it is important to dedicate time to the color palettes and furniture that will accompany it. A combination that has gained popularity for many years is the grey and white kitchen. A duo that presents versatility and timelessness in any decorating style you need.

A white and grey kitchen is ideal for those who want to maintain a balance between both colors. Sometimes, a white kitchen can be simple and a gray kitchen can be too monotonous, but by combining both you can get a unique and more personalized touch.

To help you achieve a grey and white kitchen, in this article we present our best ideas to help you decide if they are the right choice for your home.

1- Add wood

Ajoutez du bois

Grey and white kitchen designs are the safest bet for an impactful and functional space. One way to make it cozier is by adding wood. Usually, wood is an excellent material to achieve a contemporary style, but if you combine it with these two colors you get an elegant kitchen with a natural touch.

How can you include wood? In decorative elements, flooring, a wooden island or kitchen cabinets. All you have to do is keep the touch of wood subtle to achieve the right visual balance.

2- Combination of dark grey and white

There are several shades of gray, and one combination that you will love is the white kitchen with a dark gray. The presence of dark gray cabinets, tiles and even some of the furniture can give you a sophisticated look.

A dark grey and white kitchen is considered an excellent choice for people looking for a more modern kitchen. The white color plays an important role, as it is responsible for neutralizing the dark shade of gray and giving it better lighting so that the kitchen does not look totally gloomy. It is one of the best options among modern white and grey kitchens for this 2022.

3- White kitchen with light gray

Looking for a more traditional style for your kitchen? The light gray kitchen with a touch of white is a safe bet. We have already seen how a white kitchen is the queen of classic designs, so a light grey kitchen also promises the same. The only difference is that the combination of both colors gives it a more relaxing and clean look.

With this idea, you can also combine it by adding certain decorative aspects. For example, wooden details are perfect in a wide countertop, as they help to maintain the warmth of the tones and the place in general. Similarly, you can add metallic touches that match the light gray tone.

4- Presence of colors in a grey and white kitchen

Not everything has to be white and grey. Many people may think that having a grey and white kitchen implies not adding other types of colors, but the truth is that you can customize it as you like. In fact, the presence of flashy or warmer colors is a good option to leave aside the traditional style.

How can you add color to your kitchen? Brightly colored pictures will decorate the walls nicely. You can also opt for furniture with yellow, green or red colors. However, it does not mean to overshadow the white and grey through the colors, this is more about maintaining the harmony between the pleasant and the actual.

5- With stainless steel

Avec l'acier inoxydable

We know that appliances are a must for any kitchen. One way to add a different style to the grey and white kitchen is through these appliances. Stainless steel is perfect to contribute with the gray tones that the place needs.

However, there are other ways to highlight stainless steel, one of them is by introducing it in furniture, but you can also add it using decorative elements, such as hanging lamps. With this mix, you will be recreating a modern industrial kitchen look. You will love it!

6- Minimalist style

Grey and white colors are par excellence part of the minimalist style. However, to better highlight this aspect, decorative elements should be minimal, textures need to stand out better and geometric figures or simple lines need to be noticed.

The grey and white kitchen with minimalist style will give you a more elegant and organized look, especially if you want your space to be visually clean and spacious. Likewise, you can add warm touches (not exaggerated) to give it more originality. This style of kitchen will become your ideal space to work, enjoy a cup of coffee or share a moment with your family.

7- Grey and white kitchen with wide countertop

If you want to achieve a spacious and bright kitchen with the colors gray and white, the best eye-catcher you can offer is a countertop. There are a variety of styles to choose from, but if you want a standout, opt for a white countertop.

A white countertop, among gray tones, is perfect to recreate a brighter and lighter space. In addition, if the kitchen designer makes an excellent distribution, in your kitchen you will have a more comfortable and lighter room where the countertop will be the icing on the cake. 

8- Grey kitchen with black and white

The grayish color combines perfectly with white, but adding a touch of black gives a plus to your kitchen. Mixing the three colors is possible if we look for the ideal harmony. For example, if the walls are white or light gray, a black countertop or appliances with a touch of black would stand out very well, without overshadowing the other colors.

A grey and white kitchen, but with touches of black, will give you an elegant and modern style. If you do not want to use black for countertops or your appliances, there is also the option of contrasting it with the floor. Similarly, if you don't want your kitchen to only use these three colors, you can include natural decorative elements such as plants, a perfect option for those who don't want to leave nature aside.

Renew your kitchen in white and grey with Cuisines Denis Couture

There are other grey and white kitchen options, but we consider these 8 options to be the most relevant for this 2022. If you have the desire to renovate your kitchen with white and gray colors, do not hesitate to contact the experts in kitchen design.

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