Small kitchen layout: 6 ideas for your home

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Many people think that a small kitchen is a problem to create incredible designs, the truth is that with good planning the results can be different. It all comes down to the ,small kitchen layout you select and you will see how you will go from a simple kitchen to a functional, unique and spacious kitchen.

However ,kitchen layout can be complicated when you have no knowledge of design. That's why the design professionals at Cuisines Denis Couture show you 6 ,small kitchen layout that you can implement in your home. Take note!

1- Small Kitchen Layout: Open shelves

Adding open shelving to your kitchen is a great way to maximize storage and add additional hanging space. A small kitchen is the perfect place to incorporate this style, as you can use the entire wall or just one side. You don't have to be afraid to turn corners because open shelves don't hide anything. 

For example, vertical storage will be very optimal to better solve the distribution of space and the use of utensils. Even if your kitchen is small, it does not mean that you should limit the accessories or furniture, you should simply find alternative options. 

2- Linear kitchen 

A very popular small kitchen layout is the linear one. This consists of arranging all the real estate in a straight line on both sides of the kitchen. Its goal is to make the best use of small spaces without making it feel cluttered or too small for people. This is one of the best kitchen ideas for small spaces that you will like. 

3- Presence of lighting in kitchen layout

Light is an essential element that will help you in the ,In addition. For this, the best option is to enhance the presence of natural light through large windows located in strategic areas of the kitchen. On the other hand, you can also increase the presence of space by placing more lighting, hanging lamps will be a good choice.

4- L-shape small kitchen layout


If your kitchen is small, what better way to lay it out than in an L-shape. The kitchen is usually placed at a 90° angle along two walls perpendicular to each other. This distribution allows the kitchen to look more spacious and functional, and can even create a space to place an office. You can include dark colors in the lower part and light colors in the upper part, that will help to give it a more aesthetic look. You can even play with your creativity to create different styles of kitchens, for example, have a modern small kitchen

5- Small kitchen in a glazed cube

Get the most out of your small kitchen in a more intimate, enclosed space. A glazed cube is perfect for improving the small kitchen layout as it visually makes the space around it seem larger.In addition, it is ideal to allow the presence of light and that no outside noises can be heard disturbing inside the kitchen. Therefore, it is a nice option for people who love privacy while eating. 

6- Folding table 

Some small kitchens have such a small space that you can only have just the right amount of furniture, which is a limitation for people who want to include more things. However, one smart piece of furniture you might like is the folding table. You probably can't have a beautiful island, but you can replace it with this table that will disappear in the blink of an eye. Plus, it doesn't require a lot of space and is useful for when you're cooking and when you want to eat comfortably. 

Extra tips for small kitchen layout and decoration

small kitchen
  • Since your kitchen has a smaller space, it is best not to overload it. Check the distribution of your kitchen, if it is more elongated or square, so you will know where to focus its decoration and furniture. 
  • The design of the small kitchen can be varied (modern, rustic, Scandinavianindustrial), but you have to choose furniture that does not visually overwhelm the kitchen. It is best to keep it in simple lines.
  • Organization will be an important factor, so you should think carefully about how you will distribute the cabinets and complementary accessories in your small kitchen.
  • As for colors, if you want to maximize the space, then choose light colors. These help to bring more light into the kitchen, but you can also mix it with dark colors. 
  • You can choose built-in appliances, they are perfect for small kitchens, as they save a lot of space. 
  • Remember that, before renovating your small kitchen, it is best to plan everything in detail. Think about all the details, a small kitchen is not so practical to renovate, but it is not impossible with good planning. 

If you want to renovate your small kitchen, but don't know where to start, then contact the professional designers at Cuisines Denis Couture. Our team has the tools and knowledge to advise and provide you with the kitchen of your dreams. 

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